Riley B. King (B.B. King) was born in Itta Bena September 16, 1925. 

Itta Bena is the name of a southern cuisine restaurant located in Memphis, TN on the 3rd floor of  B.B.  King Blues Club. 

Itta Bena was featured in the 2000 movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Marion Berry was born here March 6, 1936; 1st chairman of SNCC, former Mayor of Washington, DC. 

James Bevell was born here October 19, 1936; SCLC  Director of Direct Action and Nonviolent  Education; created the SCLC Mississippi Project for Voting Rights.

Pervis Spann was born here in 1932; black radio trailblazer; first blues DJ and radio broadcaster in Itta Bena, worked on the air with WVON in 1963 when the station first debuted. 

Ernest ThomasThe actor who played Raj on “What’s Happening” is a former Professor of Theatre at MVSU.

Ashley Ambrose – NFL cornerback

Sam Block – Civil Rights activist/worker

Alphonso Ford – Former Euro league basketball player

Deacon Jones – Former NFL All-Pro & Hall of Fame defensive end

Jerry Rice – Former NFL thirteen-time All Pro wide-receiver

Willie Totten – Head Coach of the Delta Devils football team;  Jerry Rice’s college teammate

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