For the 2007/2008 academic year, the Leflore County Elementary School embarked on a commitment to excellence the entire school year which would be achieved through:

1) improved test scores
2) perfect attendance      
3) good grades
4) good study habits
5) good behavior
6) bright ideas

Highligted Clubs and Activites: 

National Beta Club (sponsor is Sheri Bell);

Monthly Reader Achiever Award given to students that excel          in from any grade level;

Citizenship Award is given to students that maintain                        satisfactory conduct;

Spelling Bee (sponsor is Myra Coleman); &

Students in the 3rd – 6th grade may participate in educational        field trips (sponsored by Joyce Pennebaker).  The spring               trips have  included locations such as New York and                      Chicago.  

             Student Population:  589          

Grade Levels:  K – 6

School Colors:  Red, Black, & White

Mascot:  Leflore County Tigers

Carl Palmer, Principal
Nekeshia Collins, Asst. Principal